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Projection program


Kingston Arts seeks to present an engaging and innovative projection program throughout the year by activating three sites. Located within the existing architecture of the Moorabbin arts precinct, these sites are widely-viewed by members of the community, and patrons to Kingston Arts annual calendar of events.

The Bridge

The Bridge converts a disused, third-story walk bridge, located at the Kingston City Hall, into a dedicated space for projection art. The space gives artists the opportunity to present highly visible three-channel rear projections to passing commuters along the Nepean Highway. Throughout the year The Bridge seeks to exhibit a playful and accessible program of works by established and emerging artists that respond to the unique architectural features of the space.


 Above: The Swimmer, as presented at The Bridge, Simon Grennan, 2014.


Located on the exterior wall of Kingston City Hall, adjacent to the Kingston Arts Centre, The Courtyard projection site offers artists the opportunity to present a one channel projection in a dedicated space.


Above: Industrial Heartland, as presented in the Courtyard, Michael Kluge, 2015.


The Clocktower projection site utilises a much-loved, historical feature of the Kingston City Hall to showcase contemporary video art works. Presented on the northern side of the Clocktower, the projections are in full-view of outbound city traffic along the Nepean Highway and from surrounding business districts.


 Above: Projection by Paola Balla presented on the Clocktower during NAIDOC week, 2016.

Project proposals

For more information about these sites or to discuss a project proposal, please contact the Visual Arts Coordinator on 03 9556 4448