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Artz Blitz 2017


Artz Blitz is Kingston Arts’ annual community competition of visual, digital and creative writing arts

The competition will begin when a secret theme is announced on Friday 11 August 2017 at 5pm from which participants will have 24 hours to create an artwork (2D, 3D, digital media or creative writing) and deliver it to Kingston Arts in Moorabbin for the exhibition.

new prizes for creative writers including youth and junior writers! $1,000 for 1st prize!

Previously, creative writers were asked to respond directly to selected visual artworks one week after the exhibition launch and base their written piece on the respective visual artwork.

In 2017, Kingston Arts seeks to improve Artz Blitz for writers by updating this former model; instead seeking written pieces in response to the theme at the same time as visual artists. Writers will no longer be asked to respond to an exhibited artwork but produce a fiction or non-fiction work in their own right, up to 150 words in length, which fits within the constraints of an A4 page.

Kingston Arts will increase the 1st prize award for creative writers to $1,000 (up from $500 in all previous years) matching the value of the 1st prize for visual arts. In doing this, Kingston Arts seeks to demonstrate greater support for both the work of visual and literary artists in the community and provide greater opportunities for writers to be recognized for their own unique abilities.


Visual Arts

2-Dimensional 1st Prize - $1,000 - generously sponsored by Melbourne Artist Supplies

2-Dimensional 2nd Prize - $300 - generously sponsored by Artward Bound

3-Dimensional 1st Prize - $1,000 - generously sponsored by Bendigo Bank Highett

3-Dimensional 2nd Prize - $300 - generously sponsored by Bendigo Bank Highett

Digital media 1st Prize - $400 - generously sponsored by Bendigo Bank Highett

Visual Arts Youth Prize (13-17) (2D or 3D) - $100 Melbourne Artist Supplies voucher - generously sponsored

Visual Artists Junior Prize (Under 13) (2D or 3D) - $100 Melbourne Artist Supplies voucher - generously sponsored


Creative Writing

1st Prize - $1,000 - generously sponsored by Bendigo Bank Highett and subscription to The Lifted Brow - generously sponsored

2nd Prize- $300 - generously sponsored by Bendigo Bank Highett and subscription to The Lifted Brow - generously sponsored

Creative Writing Youth Prize (13-17) - $100 voucher  - generously sponsored by Benn's Books

Creative Writing Junior Prize (Under 13)  - $100 voucher - generously sponsored by Benn's Books


People’s Choice

Annual subscription to Art Guide Australia - generously sponsored


visual arts judging panel

Pimpisa Tinpalit is a Thai-born sculpture artist who moved to Melbourne in 2009 and established her first studio not long after. She holds a Master's Degree in Fine Art with an particular focus on sculpture. Pimpisa also has extensive experience in teaching art within multiple Thai Universities. Throughout her 15+ years as a professional artist, she has showcased her work in several solo and group exhibitions in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, USA and Hong Kong.

A childlike sense of wonder animates Pimpisa Tinpalit’s sculptures. “I sculpt every day, keeping my mind open to other possibilities and ideas” she says, “and am always excited to find new methods.” That constant search for new ideas is exemplified in the unexpected combinations that form the basis of her pieces, from the mix of colours and textures to the role that written language and found objects play.

creative writing judge

Zoe Dzunko is a writer, editor and educator from Melbourne, Australia. She is the author of Selfless (TAR, 2016) and three other chapbooks of poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous Australian and international publications, including The Age, Australian Book Review, Southerly, Guernica, Tin House, The Fanzine, Prelude et al. In 2014 she co-founded Powder Keg, an online poetry quarterly based out of Melbourne and New York, and alongside Annabel Brady-Brown she is editor of The Lifted Brow. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from Deakin University, and completed her Masters degree at Melbourne University, where she teaches creative writing, small press publishing and independent media.


 Q. How will I find out what the secret theme is?

Each registered participant will be emailed the secret theme at 5pm on 11 August, but it will also be revealed here on our website and Facebook page - so make sure you've liked @KingstonArtsAU to see it in your newsfeed.


Q. I’ve registered and paid my entry fee for the 2D and 3D category online, does this mean I can enter both a painting and a sculpture?

A. Unfortunately not. We think creating (and delivering) one 2D or 3D work in 24 hours based on the theme is the challenge and we’d like to see you focus your creative energies on one or the other. However, if you’re an arts all-rounder you’re very welcome to enter the creative writing and digital media categories with up to one entry in each provided you submit the required registration fees.


Q. So what is the ‘digital media’ category?

A. The digital media category is for digital photography (including camera phones), animation, video art, etc. which is to be delivered to Kingston Arts digitally (via USB, WeTransfer, etc. details will be given to registered artists after the closing date) and projected in our multimedia room, the Vault, which is located in G1 during the exhibition.

The digital media category is the only open category, which means artists of any age may enter.


Q. Can I enter a printed photograph in the 2D category or do I need to apply for the digital media category?

A. You may enter a printed photograph in the 2D category if you wish, including digital and analogue mediums. However, if you do not wish to print the photograph (can be tricky and costly to do in 24hrs) and would prefer it presented on our digital projector – please apply for the digital media category as above.


Q. Can I write a non-fiction piece for the creative writing category or does it have to be fiction?

A. You can write in fiction, non-fiction or even a mixture of both! As long as your piece of writing is between 50 and 150 words and formatted on an A4 piece of paper and delivered in softcopy or hardcopy. You may respond with a short-story, poem, lyric – it’s completely up to you!


Q. My child has registered for the Creative Writing Junior Prize (Under 13) - can they hand-write and include illustrations in their entry on an A4 piece of paper?

Yes, certainly. We do accept both hardcopy and softcopy creative writing entries for all ages and this may include pictures if you wish, however please bear in mind the word limit of 50 - 150 words. Once we have received the entry (whether via email or hardcopy) it is put in a frame to be installed on the gallery wall, so it must be formatted for an A4 piece of paper to be accepted.


Q. So what’s the difference between 2D and 3D? What will textile works come under?

A. As part of your registration pack, which will be sent to registered entrants after the entry deadline closes, you will be asked to nominate 2D or 3D for your submission. All 2D works are presented on the wall. All 3D works are presented on plinths. Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions, which outlines the specific dimensions for eligible 3D works. If you intend for your work to be displayed on the wall, i.e. weaving or cross-stitch, please nominate the 2D category.


Q. Are there any material restrictions in the 2D or 3D category? Do I have to use traditional art materials?

A. No, you don’t have to use ‘traditional’ art materials as such. Previously, artists have entered Lego sculptures and other creatively interpreted readymade materials in 2D and 3D. As outlined in the Terms and Conditions as long as the material is safe and dry and can be handled by our volunteers and gallery install team, you are welcome to think like the conceptual artists and get creative with your medium.

Kingston Arts reserves the right to refuse any entries that it deems unacceptable and not keeping in the spirit of Artz Blitz. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions or contact Kingston Arts for more information.


Q. How will my work be judged?

A. All visual arts categories will be judged by our Visual Arts Panel on Sunday 13 August prior to the award presentation at 4pm. The Panel is made up of industry professionals, including artists and artsworkers. Due to the smaller nature of the creative writing category, all entries will be judged by one literary industry professional.

The guidelines for judging:

  • Adherence to and creative interpretation of the theme
  • Stylistic and aesthetic merit
  • Technical merit

More information about our judges will be uploaded soon.


Q. I’m interested in becoming an Artz Blitz sponsor for 2018, who should I contact?

A. Great! We’re always looking for new sponsors of any size or shape to help grow the competition, including gift vouchers and in-kind services. This year, new sponsorships enabled us to create two new creative writing categories and increase the prize money pool for creative writers.

Please contact the Visual Arts Coordinator for a Sponsorship Pack and to discuss future avenues for involvement. 






Opening: Sunday 13 August, 4pm - 6pm
Exhibition: Monday 14 August – Saturday 2 September

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm & Saturday, 12pm – 5pm


G1 + G2, Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin


ENTRY FEES: FULL $25 | CONC. $20 | YOUTH $15 | JUNIOR $10

Key dates

Entries open: 1 June 2017

Entries close: 8 August, 5pm 2017

Secret theme revealed -  Friday 11 August, 5pm

Visual artworks & creative writing submitted - Saturday 12 August, 3 – 6pm

Opening - Sunday 13 August, 4pm – 6pm

Exhibition - Monday 14 August – Sat 2 September

to enter

1. Please read the Terms and Conditions below:


2. Please complete and return the Parent/Guardian consent form (only for applicants 17 and under) below:






entry fees

Full $25 | conc $20 | youth $15 | junior $10

entry details

(03) 9556 4440 |