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Lens Mist 2018

Lens Mist photography award and exhibition 2018

Visit the 2018 finalists' gallery here. 

Lens Mist Photography Award and Exhibition 2018 invited artists to place the municipality of Kingston under the microscope and capture something they have never noticed before.  

Artists of all ages were encouraged to go on a journey of discovery, scouring local suburbs and unknown places, small and large, looking for a moment of inspiration illuminated and heightened by the camera.

 It is with great excitement that we can announce this year's prize winners:

Best Photograph  $5,000 sponsored by DFO Moorabbin - Rose Goodson, Corner of the Beach, Digital Photography, 2017. 

Highly Commended $1,000 sponsored by City of Kingston - Matt Harvey, Les Coleman, Korean War Veteran, Digital Photograph, 2017.

Youth Award (under 18)  $500 sponsored by City of Kingston - Mia Thompson, She Makes a Splash, Digital Photography, 2017.

Voting will remain open for the $2,000 People's Choice Award (sponsored by the City of Kingston) at the DFO Moorabbin, Lens Mist Finalists' Exhibition, on display from the 3-15 April. Members of the public have a chance to win the $250 Voter’s Prize.

Twenty two works in total were shortlisted by the Curatorial Committee, all shortlisted artworks and prints are available for purchase.

2018 Lens Mist Finalists:

Aimee Le Fevre, Cansu Buyukyagci, Charlie Barker, David Pendleton, Gigi Williams, Jackson Raine, Janine Magro, Matt Harvey, Michael Kluge, Naomi Rahim, Peter Merriner, Peter Williams, Peter D Williams, Robert Donat, Robin Williams, Rose Goodson, Shari Sherriff, Stephen Brown, Ian Blunt, Bailey Bliss, Hugo Harvey, Mia Thompson and Raphael Cali. 

Curatorial Committee comments:

2018 Curatorial Committee members: Lou Hubbard - Video and sculptural artist. Head of Photography at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Eliza Hutchinson - Melbourne based photographer and artist. Mira Oosterweghel - Performance, sculpture, installation, video and sound artist

Rose Goodson, Corner of the Beach, Digital Photograph, 2017

Best Photograph, Sponsored by DFO Moorabbin

 Eliza Hutchinson- Explores the transition into night in an exploration of the use of light artificial and natural. Moody and enigmatic the image plays against the common demand for clarity and resolution in the image. The photograph’s oscillating structure— around the resolute green light, the people, the pier, the bush and the beach — turns an everyday occurrence into a moment of hazy contemplation.

Lou Hubbard- This haunting image invokes Impressionism or indeed an Edvard Munch painting. A small bright light brings decisive clarity to this murky scene at Mordialloc: we could be anywhere, in any corner of any bay.

Mira Oosterweghel- A mundane seaside setting evokes a dark emotional landscape. The grainy image refuses to give away any definitive position, exploring a liminal space instead. A sharp green light pierces the image, evoking an imaginative potential.  One association we may draw on is the image of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous protagonist, Jay Gatsby, staring out at the green light at the end of the opposite dock. The light Gatsby sees night after night belongs to the object of his love, Daisy Buchanan, who, like the light’s incandescence, remains close but always just out of reach; the beckoning light is a constant reminder of the love and life with her that he so deeply desires.

Matt Harvey, Les Coleman, Korean War Veteran, Digital Photograph, 2017

Highly Commended, Sponsored by the City of Kingston 

Eliza Hutchinson- Matt Harvey’s emblematic image of Les Coleman at the Australian Aircraft Museum inscribes person, history and place in a highly structured image. The aura of the subject is flanked by his shared of histories of place and production. The passage of time and history artfully constructed in the photographic moment.

Lou Hubbard- This portrait of Les Coleman embraces the spirit of aviation and hints at its darker deployment. Poised within a radial composition, the subject gazes warily and deeply into the lens; he has seen it all.

Mira Oosterweghel- This painterly image of Les Coleman at the Aviation Museum in Moorabbin powerfully connects past to present and place. The regal composition of the figure in the portrait pays tribute to Les Coleman, while the muted tones of the image suggest a darker undercurrent. Memories left unspoken.

Mia Thompson, She Makes A Splash, Digital Photograph, 2017

Best Photograph, Under 18, Sponsored by the City of Kingston

Eliza Hutchinson - Performative of the everyday, a beautiful exploration of the sculpting of time with photography where the means of production (the youth) forms the sub-structure for the pyramid of water. The tonal qualities of the clouds and the flat surface of the sea provide weighty yet serene stage set where playful creativity becomes the potential experience of the everyday.

 Lou Hubbard - On a quiet Sunday morning the photographer’s sister makes a huge splash at Edithvale Beach.  A striking composition, this image is joyful in spirit and candid in its portrayal of pleasure at play. The fountain of youth is truly felt.

 Mira Oosterweghel- A celebration of vitality and youth, this image shows a young woman creating a determined splash and pointing to the sky.  Utilising the performative body and gesture, the image evokes the significant history of performance and documentation that saw women taking control of how their bodies were positioned and consumed within the lexicon of art history.


Finalists' work will be exhibited at Mordi Fest, 3 - 4 March, and then at DFO Moorabbin from 3 - 15 April.


Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin


There is no fee to view the exhibition or to vote in the People's Choice Award.


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