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The Artists’ Process

Rob Scholton.jpg

Image: 530AM at Jodhpur Train Station 2013, ink and watercolour on paper

Kingston Arts presents, The Artists’ Process, an exhibition showcasing works by current Kingston Studio artists, Jo Roszkowski, Tanya Salehian & Robert Scholten.  The exhibition seeks to shift the artist’s focus from exhibiting resolved works to the processes of making; giving value to each artist’s unique style, methodology and approach to practice. The Artists’ Process reflects the importance of supporting the professional development of local artists and the diversity of creative life within our community. 

Jo Roszkowski is a visual artist and teacher. Her practice spans ceramics, textiles, encaustic and mixed media. Jo is inspired by the forms, colours and textures of nature, in particular the unseen layers and the minute, ephemeral details that form the greater whole.    

Tanya Salehian is an artist working across, painting, sculpture, writing, illustration and mural design. Born in Manchester, UK, Tanya has been living and working in Melbourne for the past 3 years. Tanya’s practice is informed by an investigation into spatial abstraction; in particular, the study of the figure in space, both physical and psychological space.

Robert Scholten is an artist, illustrator, muralist, designer and compulsive doodler. His artistic style mixes vibrant colours, rich textures and a range of imagery. Robert's work is informed by his experience as an Australian artist with Filipino and Dutch parents, as well as the places he’s been and people he’s met.


Opening: Wednesday 8 November, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition: Thursday 9 November - Saturday 25 November


G1 + G2, Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin,

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin


Admission free