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muliebrity & other collaborations



Kingston Arts presents 'muliebrity & other collaborations', expanded photography by Alison Bennett as part of Midsumma Festival 2017.

Do you assume that everyone you meet is heterosexual, unless they "look queer"? That assumption is called "heteronormativity". In a new video work titled, 'muliebrity', artist Alison Bennett reflects on the identity presentation of queer women who emphasise their femininity.

Bennett’s practice explores the performance and technology of gender identity and considers the convergence of biological and digital skin as virtual prosthesis.

The exhibition will also feature a selection of Bennett’s collaborative projects: 'Inverto', 'Shifting Skin', & 'Wrap'.

'Inverto' is a series of photographs taken monthly over two years bearing witness to an individual undertaking the process of physically aligning gender identity with embodied presence. The project was featured on ABC TV Australian Story ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’, won the Centre for Contemporary Photography 2015 Salon portraiture prize, and included in The Guardian roundup of best Australian photographs of 2015. This exhibition will feature the time-lapse video version of 'Inverto'.

The 'Shifting Skin' series features high resolution scans of human skin marked by tattoos. The large scale giclee prints are overlaid with 3d augmented reality. When viewed through an app on a mobile screen, a 3D topography appears to project out of the print, a landscape of peaks and valleys describing the tonal scale within the surface of the subject, the terrain of scars, tattoos, skin tone and texture.

'Shifting Skin' generated considerable international attention when first exhibited in 2013, stemming from a retweet by cyberpunk author William Gibson and a report by that appeared in the Huffington Post. The work has since featured in the Sydney Mardi Gras visual arts program, ABC TV news, the uber hip Theorizing the Web conference in New York City and shown at the Cork Film Centre, Ireland.

Reflecting on this collection of works, Bennett observed that “as a photographer, all my work involves a form of collaboration with the subject and the technology. In recent years, my practice has extended to more explicit forms of collaboration and co-creation. I am particularly interested in the ideas that emerge from the space between each of the collaborators. Digital art practice is a never ending conversation.”

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Image: Alison Bennett, Muliebrity, 2016 (video still), high-definition video. courtesy of the artist.


Opening: Thursday 19 January, 6 - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 20 January - Saturday 25 February
Artist Floor Talk: Saturday 11 February, 2pm


G1 + G2, Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 9am - 5pm | Sat, 12 - 5pm


Admission Free