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Little Wing Puppets - The Fish That Wanted to Fly

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LWP Boy in Billabong

Photo by Jenny Ellis, with children of Wugularr Community, NT

The Fish That Wanted to Fly is about having the courage to pursue something even if it seems likely you will never reach it. In our story we meet little Fish whose lagoon is drying up. All the other fish have left, and she wants to learn how to fly so she can see them again. Her friend, a hermit crab named Karramoko, sits by a stormwater drain and tells her it will never happen. She meets a Kingfisher who helps her and encourages her to keep trying. It’s not until she meets a Cormorant, who offers to take her up into the sky that she flies for the first time. But will she make it back? The tale is set in a mangrove swamp, and is about friendship, resilience and sustainability.

Workshop - ‘Underwater World: A Shadow Pupperty Projection Project’ Wander into the world of shadows with Little Wing Puppets in this exciting new projection project. Combining human silhouettes and puppets, we will make a colourful underwater world to be projected onto the Bridge at Kingston Arts Centre. Come along to make your own sea creature puppet and have fun playing with your shadow on our giant screen. The silhouettes will be filmed and your shadows will be projected large-scale for the Kingston community to enjoy.

Since 2006, Little Wing Puppets have performed their shows to thousands of children in every state and territory of Australia, as well as overseas. They’re driven by the love of telling stories that speak to children, encouraging wonder, making them laugh, and passing on skills so kids can create their own worlds through puppetry.



Thursday 21 April, 1pm
Workshop 2pm - 4pm
Friday 22 April , 10am
Workshop 11am - 1pm


Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin


40 minutes




Performance: One Price $20
Workshop | Free: Limited places, bookings essential, children must be accompanied by an adult

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