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ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing)

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Does it have a burpershop quartet?” Yes, yes it does.

“Does the show feature the world’s most annoying song?” Totes!

“Is there a mini panto fairy tale called ‘Jack and the Beans-Talk’ about a boy who eats magic beans and farts himself into space?” YES I MEAN WHAT SHOW DOESN’T HAVE THAT?

“Will I roll on the floor laughing so hard a little bit of wee comes out?” Yes, yes you will… you should probably bring a towel.

Gratuitous, ridiculous, hilarious, joyous and possibly hazardous, Rich and Matt are The Listies, Australia’s maestros of kidult comedy, a multi-award winning duo who win over everyone who comes to see them with their insane, interactive, illogical and irreverent escapades.

ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) is the freshest double act sketch comedy in kid’s entertainment. It’s all of the most popular bits of The LIsties’ sell-out shows jampacked with a brand new set of hilarious comedy routines that will have the whole family in stitches.





Wednesday 6 July, 10am & 1pm
Ages 4+


Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale



60 minutes (no interval)




One Price $22

Sold Out


Colour In and Bring In your artwork (download above) for your chance to win a gift pack containing a Listies DVD & Book. Prizes drawn at the 'Poo Castle' after The Listies performance!

4½ STARS “ hour of rambunctious fun so clever, and so perfectly attuned to its audience, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Listies became the first children’s comedy act to win top gong at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.” The Age

“No-one else does comedy for kids this brilliantly, and what’s more the adults have justas much fun!” Sydney Morning Herald

“The only downside of seeing The Listies is that kids may be disappointed the next time they go to the theatre because it isn’t always this awesomely excellent.” Sometimes Melbourne

“When I saw The Listies, it affected my thinking because I really related to the comedycraft they were exercising…it got me a little bit excited to realise that when you areperforming for kids, it’s just as delicate and just as sophisticated.”Frank Woodley, The Australian.

“If the Wiggles are the Eagles then the Listies are the Sex Pistols.” Dave O’Neil ,The Age.

“Australian duo the Listies have conquered children’s comedy through deep respect for their audience, with a focus on the subversion of the adult desire for control — with hilarious results.” Sue Giles, The Australian.

“Absolutely delicious!” — A Tiger.

“If your kids have never been to the theatre before, do them a favour and make this their first experience. It’s something they will never forget.” — The Scotsman.