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Ghost Light Series - Artist Profile - The Jackson Combo

Jackson Combo Mordi Fest


This week we throw a Ghost Light spotlight on local Chelsea residents and professional musicians Peter Jackson and Jeff Mead.  Jeff was a resident of Kingston back in the '80's and has recently returned to reside in Chelsea where both he and Peter find the people friendly and the beaches amazing!  

Music and performance have been their passion, like oxygen music breathes life and as performers it is their focus to connect the audience with the music and the other musicians.

The Jackson Combo are still productive and creative during the current stage 4 pandemic restrictions. With the band, on one hand, taking part in music festivals that have had to move online due to social distancing. Including festivals being hosted in as far away as Scotland. Or seeing them work on combined musical projects that incorporate social distancing from other band members in isolation. Plus some fun personal music projects just for the pure entertainment and in support of family and friends dealing with lockdown. 

In late June they had the pleasure of being invited as one of only 5 international guest acts to be part of a music festival held in Scotland. Unfortunately the ‘physical’ festival was cancelled due to the pandemic but went ahead on major social and streaming platforms. The Festival was re-named, The Langtoun Jazz Festival at Home Series.  With their Jazz line up of The Jackson Combo, they had a 30 minute segment for the Sunday night session between 6pm and 10pm (GMT), Sunday, 28th June.

The Jackson Combo have been a part of many festivals and performances around Kingston and quite likely you have seen them at the Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival and more recently the Kingston Libraries 'Chelsea Twilights' Series in March this year.

On their daily exercise walks along Longbeach, the Patterson River, the parks and streets of their local neighbourhood. Jeff and Peter have captured their impressions of the local area and environment. Through video, photos, sounds and music. While telling their own stories and impressions of living in Kingston.  Along with their lives and history as working musicians. 

We hope you enjoy this entertaining video as much as we did!


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