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BUKJEH Stories of home; and of having to leave it

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Kingston Arts along City of Kingston Social Development and Westall Hub Teams are excited to bring bukjeh to westall hub - share your story  

What is a Bukjeh - It is the sack of belongings people take with them in a rush when they have to leave

What is Rehle - It is the journey of hardship people go through until they settle in a place they call home

What is Khieme - It is the temporary or permanent homes people find themselves in during their journey

Led by Palestinian artist Aseel Tayah in collaboration with Artists from Australia and around the world Bukjeh is honest, powerful and truly inclusive.  Bukjeh connects people of all ages and backgrounds. The aim of Bukjeh is to empower people who might feel out of the conversation about the reasons and impacts of global migration because they do not know the 'right' questions to ask or due to fear of saying the 'wrong thing'. Bukjeh initiates a truly meaningful and personal connection between those who have been forced to leave their home and those who have not experienced so.

At a time where we all need to practice physical isolation, opportunities for connection and belonging are at the forefront of our daily lives. Bukjeh brings people together by asking the question, what if, instead of being told to ‘Stay at Home’ you were forced to leave your home?


We invite you to post a profile, share your story including where you come from and upload or link pictures, songs or even home movies that to your sharing.  In this way Bukjeh will grow to a rich archive of Australian stories, some where Australians can learn, exchange and engage. Upon sharing your story we will be coming together later in the year (when COVID19 restrictions ease) to share these stories in a Tent Experience where artists share their stories of fleeing homeland and creating a new life. Your stories will be collated and bound to provide a rich history of the residents of Kingston who have endured so much to bring so much to our community.  Your stories will remain within the Kingston Libraries as a beautiful reference from this project. You can share our story via the online link here or submit through Kingston Arts at or via post to Jennifer O'Connor, Kingston Arts Centre, 985 Nepean Highway, Moorabbin 3189.


The Tent experience will be presented at Westall Hub Library, further details will follow on when this will take place after the COVID 19 restrictions have eased.



A message from Aseel, founder of Bukjeh:


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