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jewelery and wearable art with pennie jagiello

During this family-friendly online workshop, participants will learn basic jewellery and textile-based techniques to form patterns and construct neckpieces using everyday plastics found around the home. This hands-on creative workshop employs accessible techniques, processes and tools suitable for both adults and children. ⁠

Instagram: @penniejagiello

Pennie Jagiello My Kitchen Jewels hoop earrings.jpg


visible mending embellished patches with louise meuwissen

Care for and refresh tired or damaged clothing by creating your own embroidered sew-on patches using recycled textiles and embellishments, with artist Louise Meuwissen. Repair and individualise pieces in your wardrobe which are not getting the love they deserve. Join the sustainable fashion revolution and minimise the environmental impact of the textile industry by prolonging the life of your garments, and (re)loving the clothes you already own! You will be guided in the creation of your design, its translation to textiles, and learn sewn embellishment techniques to make wearable works of art from clothing otherwise destined for overcrowded op-shops or landfill.

Instagram: @louisemeuwissen

Embellished patch visible mending3, Louise Meuwissen .jpg


weaving with found objects with john brooks 

This workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of weaving. Participants will learn about the history of weaving and develop their own small woven pieces by exploring the potential of materials in their everyday surroundings. You will be using found objects as a portable weaving loom and combining traditional tapestry techniques with unconventional materials. You will be shown a range of finishing techniques to create a small, wearable object from your woven textiles, and will be given learning resources to continue to extend your weaving knowledge.

Instagram: @L00ming