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Online Photography Workshops

Enjoy a series of free online professional development workshops and use your new skills to enter OptiKA 2020!

This years' theme is 'Connection'

To access the below workshops follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for free to Kingston Libraries. You don’t have to be a Kingston resident to sign up and can join online in just a few minutes.
  2. Head to the eLibrary section on the Kingston Libraries website, and scroll down to the section to access the online learning library.
  3. Enter your Library Card Number and Library Card Pin and search for available courses (there are over 700!)
  4. To access courses, you’ll need to sign in using your library card number and pin.
  5. Click on the course links below to begin your online workshops.

workshop 1: Foundations of photography


Thinking of entering OptiKA 2020 and need a little support to improve your photography skills?

Check out the Foundations of Photography course and learn how to frame your images to make them pop!

workshop 2: Technical skills


Keen to improve your technical photography and video-making skills and take your OptiKA entry to the next level?

Watch the Photography 101 course and go from novice to expert. 

Workshop 3: Portraiture


Portrait photography in essence connects the viewer to the inherent character of your subject. It is an excellent way to explore your artistic expression and to connect to others. 

Complete the Learning Portrait Photography course to learn simple techniques for creating great portraits. 

WORKSHOP 4: Photographing family & kids


OptiKA’s theme for 2020 is Connection, and finding new ways to stay connected during this time is important for us all. For some of us, this might mean writing a letter or organising a video call, and for others - photographing our families or housemates.

Complete the Photographing Kids and Families course and learn how to best photograph kids and family groups at home. 

Workshop 5: capturing the golden hour


Keen to capture the elusive light of the golden hour in your OptiKA 2020 photographic entry? The ‘golden hour’ is the period just before sunset or after sunrise, and it’s an exciting time to take photos because, the soft and warm light from the sun highlights texture, captures depth and conveys greater detail. 

Check out the Seizing Golden Opportunities course and learn all about using natural light.   

Workshop 6: silhouette photography


Need a creative challenge to get you thinking outside the box? A silhouette photograph is created when the outline of a person or object is illuminated by a light source in the background. 

Delve in to the Silhouette Photography course and learn how to capture silhouettes to communicate emotion and meaning via shape and form.


Thank you to our friends at Kingston Libraries and for providing access to these online courses and good luck to everyone entering OptiKA 2020.

OptiKA 2020 is made possible through the generous support of our sponsor, DFO Moorabbin