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Strategies and Policies

ARTS and cultural strategy 2018-22  

Kingston Arts and Culture department has published our new four year Arts and Cultural Strategy, 'Creative Kingston', 2018-22. This strategy addresses how we will consult with communities, and develop and evaluate our artistic and cultural programs across all genres - performance, visual art, music, public art and more.


Kingston Council's Public Art Policy is up for renewal in 2019.

Public Art transforms places where we live, work and play, into convivial spaces that encourage greater social interaction. The Public Art Policy seeks ways to affirm and encourage public art in our municipality. Importantly, the Policy outlines the responsibilities of Council and the community who engage with public art practice.

The new Public Art Policy will address:

  • How to commission a public artwork in your business or community
  • How to work with public artists
  • How to seek funding for your own public art project
  • Criteria and consultation process for commissioning council-owned public artworks
  • Council-produced public art programs in the community
  • Contract management
  • Conservation and care of public artworks
  • De-accessioning a public artwork

Council’s Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee (ACAC) provides advice to Council on matters relating to public art and contributes to developing a program aligned with Council’s strategic vision. The Committee makes recommendations to Council on public art proposals that require Council support. This Policy excludes requests for public art proposals through Council’s Arts Grants Program, for public art on private property or that which is privately funded. It does not cover historical/commemorative plaques, interpretive signs, or advertising material.