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  • Kingston Arts Presents

    Artz Blitz 2020_logo_RGB.jpg

    Artz Blitz 2020

    Celebrating a new chapter for Artz Blitz in 2020! Kingston Arts' favourite community visual arts and creative writing competition returns this March with new prizes.

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    G1 + G2, Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

    This exhibition is now closed until 14 April.
  • Kingston Arts Presents


    OptiKA 2019 DFO Moorabbin exhibition

    The final leg of the OptiKA 2019 exhibition tour commences in March with an exhibition at DFO Moorabbin, featuring all participant entries.

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    Exhibition open from: 30 March to 13 April 2020
  • Tina Blackwell, Stella Greig, Paula Lindley and Gihan Sadek Presents

    Paula Lindley 1.Les Baux de Provence jpg.jpg

    After Provence

    Tina Blackwell, Stella Greig, Paula Lindley and Gihan Sadek present there group exhibition After Provence at G3.

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    G3 Artspace, Parkdale

    This event has been cancelled.

  • Kingston Arts Presents


    OptiKA 2020 - Kingston Photographic Award

    OptiKA 2020 invites photographers of all skill levels to capture images of Kingston that respond to the evocative theme of 'Connection'.

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    Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

    Exhibition open from: 11 November 2020 to 14 December 2020
  • Sharon Monagle and Rose Lucas Presents


    Metamorphoses: Changes and stages in women's lives

    Working synergistically, visual artist Sharon Monagle and poet Rose Lucas examine the rich interplay between image and text, exploring themes of change and growth in the lives of women through paintings, poetry, and spoken-word performance at G3 Artspace.

    More Information

    G3 Artspace, Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale

    Opening: Thursday 7 May, 6 - 8pm
    Exhibition: Friday 8 May - Saturday 6 June
    Admission free
  • Jacqui Gordon Presents

    JAQUI_GORDON-Hero image for Autumn Artscape.jpg

    Formerly Nee

    Formerly Née is a contemporary exhibition in G1 + G2 by Arts Grant recipient and visual artist, Jacqui Gordon. The project follows the artist’s journey to connect with her maternal lineage by posing the question, ‘What would my surname be today if the tradition were to take my mother’s name?’

    More Information

    G1 + G2, Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

    Opening: Wednesday 13 May, 6 - 8pm
    Exhibition: Thursday 14 May - Saturday 20 June
    Admission free
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