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Colour + Form


Left: Sue Davies, 'Landscape 2', 17 x 19cm, Kagero clay earthenware, 2016. Right: Angela Wood, 'Colour Theory 12', 120 x 120cm, acrylic on linen, 2017.

'Colour + Form' is a collaborative exhibition, which celebrates the art of Sue Davies and Angela Wood.

Davies is inspired by patterns and textures found in nature; and Wood is influenced by urban industrial design and geometry. Both artists seek to incorporate the diversity of the environment into their practices to create distinctive, yet complementary works.

about the artists

Sue Davies draws her inspiration from the patterns and textures found in nature and enjoys visiting remote and wild places and also exploring the beaches and reserves closer to home around Port Phillip Bay. Sue likes to experiment with different types of clay, especially those with coarser textures and often combines hand building with wheel throwing, joining and distorting organic forms. She uses various oxides to create coloured slips and decorates with sgraffito, keeping glazing to a minimum so the natural properties of the clay remain evident. She also loves the spontaneity of rake firing and gets involved in workshops whenever she can. Her current collection was inspired by the local bayside environment with its rocky outcrops and beaches set against the backdrop of the sea, a precious resource nestled within the major metropolis of Melbourne.

Angela Wood is a Melbourne-based artist working in oil, acrylic, ink, watercolour and ceramics. In her art practice she has created patterns through shapes, symbols and colours influenced by urban industrial design and geometry. Her “Colour Theory Paintings” demonstrate the importance she places on colour - colour is everything, and how they interact and complement each other leads to the integrity of the painting as a whole. Texture and landscape are reduced and condensed into considered solid colours and shapes.  Some of these paintings take on the form of totems - columns of shapes and colour. Her text work uses common acronyms used in social media and combines text with her colour theory work.  Colour theory investigates the complementary nature of colours and how they interact with each other. In these paintings nothing is random - colours and shapes are carefully matched to create a balance work of art. New work includes the Memorial series - multi media wood panels painted with metallic finishes inspired by the Memorial to Murdered Jews in Berlin, and cemeteries as places of remembrance for those who have passed.


Opening: Thursday 10 May, 6-8pm
Exhibition: Friday 11 May - Saturday 9 June
Artist Talk: Saturday 2 June, 12-1pm


G3 Artspace, Parkdale

64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale


Admission free