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Artz Blitz Creative Writing 2021

Creative Writing 18+

(14KB)Anita Weller (15KB)

(20KB) (20KB)Ash James (21KB)

(14KB)Ashleigh Oldfield (19KB)

(15KB)Barbara Tipper (30KB)

Benjamin Forbes (18KB)

Caelene D'Arcy (14KB)

Caroline Egan (32KB)

Charles D'Anastasi (13KB)

Darrelle Spenceley

Debra Paoletto (16KB)

(15KB) (14KB)Dr Mark Glickman (17KB)

Em Readman (7KB)

Erica Louise (128KB)

Fiona Keele (14KB)

(15KB)Giota Nikolopoulos (27KB)

(15KB)Jack Dix (18KB)

Jean Burke (17KB)

Jennie Fraine (15KB)

Jodiann Ball (15KB)

Josephine Daly (52KB)

Kayla McCarthy (11MB)

(14KB)Lucy O'Sullivan (14KB)  

(156KB)Madison Pryor (14KB)

Mark Fletcher (14KB)  

Meredith Wicking (14KB)

Michelle Endersby (15KB)

(15KB)Pauline Roberts (16KB)

(16KB)Susan Chapman (16KB)

(13KB)Sussannah Bowen (17KB)

(15KB)Tina Georgitsis (14KB)


youth (13-17)

Eleni Tsingelis (13KB)

(12KB)Elly Prestaki (13KB)

(21KB)Eva de Boer (22KB)

(13KB)Grace van Haaster (15KB)

(15KB)Max Chivers (14KB)

(25KB) (14KB)Oscar Atkins (12KB)

(13KB)Ruby Hartley (13KB)

(15KB)Zoe James (13KB)


junior (under 13)

Caitlin Keele (13KB)

Ella Keele (13KB)

Jayan Atukorala (13KB)

Lily-Rose Jackson (13KB)

Pippa Asome (13KB)

Rosa Mowszowski (109KB)

Saige Ball (16KB)

Taylah Devenport (13KB)


Maya Pilbrow is a multi-hyphenate living and working on Wurundjeri land. She is an Associate Editor and the Media Manager for the quarterly literary journal The Suburban Review, a publication based in Narrm/Melbourne and Eora/Sydney with a strong focus on diversity, inclusivity, and equality. She studies journalism at The University of Melbourne and has an academic background in languages, linguistics, and history with a focus on Latin America and the Jewish diaspora. She has been involved as a subeditor and contributor for The University of Melbourne-based history journal Chariot. Maya is particularly fascinated by the role language plays in decolonising the arts and social sciences. She approaches language from a descriptivist, inclusive, holistic standpoint that prioritises amplifying the voices of the marginalised over maintaining the status quo, something which she brings to bear in her music, paying tribute to the folkloric traditions and working class, socially oriented protest songs of Appalachia and Latin America with her bilingual Spanish/English acoustic duo Patterson Banjo.