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They Are A Bay


Caroline Packham, They are a Bay (film still), 2021. 

They are a Bay is a future visual memoir of Nairm / Port Phillip Bay shown through an anthropomorphic eye.

Created by Kingston Arts Grant recipient, Caroline Packham, They are a Bay reflects on Nairm’s long life. From their youth, through the turbulence of industrialisation and climate change, to a future where they have been granted human rights and are loved and cared for as friend and kin of fellow humans, flourishing in harmony.

Caroline asks us to consider if elements of the environment are granted human rights or alternate legal rights that rigorously protect the health and safety of nature, how might this impact climate action and ecosystem well-being? Could this evoke an expanding and deepening relationship to nature as a friend to care for, rather than as a resource to exploit?

A transcendent postie will be delivering messages to the future 2030 bay. Send your message to where they may be shared on The Bridge for all to see.

They are a Bay is projected on The Bridge at Kingston City Hall through the coming summer nights.

caroline packham

Caroline Packham is a Naarm/Melbourne based artist interested in how art and creative practice influence problem solving and futures thinking. Her practice explores human ecology, nature and regeneration. She’s had a long interest in art as a process for evoking creative thinking, connection and innovation. She combines traditional art practices with projection art creating warmth, texture and performance-based movement as a rustic digital methodology. 

Caroline is joined by choreographer and dancer Stéphane Hisler and dancer Minna Lappalainen. 

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Friday, 3 December to Monday 28 February 2022


The Bridge, Moorabbin

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin


Admission free