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Formerly Nee

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Image: 2020, Jacqui Gordon.

'Formerly Née' is a contemporary workshop and online exhibition by Arts Grant recipient and visual artist, Jacqui Gordon. The project follows the artist’s journey to connect with her maternal lineage by posing the question, ‘What would my surname be today if the tradition were to take my mother’s name?’ The exhibition draws upon real and imagined narratives to create a feminist collection of herstories and rediscover the stories left behind.

artist bio

Jacqui Gordon is an artist working across installation, participatory performance and video. Her practice considers local stories and ways of representing history that challenge the dominant narratives in this country. She is currently undertaking a visual arts mentorship with Chako Kato from Slow Art Collective.

Artist website

Instagram: @gordon_jacqui

Chako Kato is an inter-disciplinary artist working across sculpture, drawing, installation and community-based projects. Collaboration and negotiation are crucial tenets of her work, with collective actions and communal discourse often performing as the primary material of her work. Kato's ambitious projects are often catalysed by simple impulses and frameworks, including reciprocity, negotiation and craft practices of weaving and knotting. 


Online exhibition launch: Friday 12 June
Exhibition continues until Saturday 11 July





Visit online exhibition

**Event update**

The City of Kingston has temporarily closed all of Kingston Arts’ venues. We are doing this to try to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the community and to comply with Government requirements. We are currently working with artists and workshop facilitators to create online programs, including exhibitions and public programs.

We thank you for your understanding during these very difficult times. We look forward to welcoming you back to Kingston Arts Centre and its spaces soon.