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Juxtapose is a collaborative exhibition featuring the artwork of Luke Tyrrell and Liz Fitzgerald.

While their styles are very different, both artists are heavily influenced by the coastal environments of Port Philip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula. The coast has been the background to their lives, creating their different perspectives and responses; the light and colour informs their work.

As Australians, most of us live along or near the coast, participating and engaging with it, spectators to its drama, moodiness, beauty and vulnerability. Juxtapose aims to celebrate the natural environment and our response to it as human beings.


Luke Tyrrell works in oil paint on board, creating highly realistic, almost photographic works, as well as in pencil, producing detailed tonal drawings. As a keen runner he finds his inspiration from the many bush tracks and beaches near his home on the Mornington Peninsula. He realistically recreates the contrasting textures of rock, sand and water through his oil paintings and pencil drawings, using highlights and shadows to suggest an early morning beach track or the movement of the tide in the afternoon sun.

Liz Fitzgerald uses acrylic paint on canvas and board, layered in an abstract, colourful and gestural style. She interprets and reimagines landscape imagery creating layers of colour and texture, sometimes visualising an aerial view, or the mood and patterns of wind in sand or on water. These are representations  of the ever-changing mood and shape of the natural environment.

Working as colleagues in visual arts education, both artists share a common interest in the opportunities for narrative and personal expression that ‘art-making’ provides. Each studied visual arts (Tyrrell in illustration and fine art, Fitzgerald in graphic design) before completing further studies in the education field. Both continue to teach at secondary level, endeavouring to foster a love of the visual arts and of the environment in their students.

Image courtesy of the artists.




Opening: Thursday 27 September, 6-8pm
Exhibition: Friday 28 September - Saturday 27 October


G3 Artspace, Parkdale

64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale


Admission free