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Kingston For Human Rights


 Kingston for Human Rights, 2020, image courtesy of Laura Wisely

Kingston For Human Rights is a local volunteer-run organisation with the mission to raise local public awareness around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Each year the committee holds a children’s poster art competition for Kingston schools and colleges to help raise awareness in the local curriculum.

The artwork in this year’s exhibition responds to the theme: Freedom: reimagined.

What does freedom mean to you?  How do we value freedom?  “Freedom is like air we don’t appreciate it until we have lost it.” – Boris Yeltsin.

The posters seek to showcase the children’s understanding of freedom through the powerful medium of art.

About KFHR

Kingston for Human Rights Inc. (KFHR) is a volunteer-run organisation with the mission to keep the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) alive in the local community through children’s art and by hosting an event on or around Human Rights Day 10th December.  Each year a different theme is selected relevant to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is regarded as the world’s most important document. It spells out the rights and freedoms necessary for every human being regardless of race, religion or gender and has been translated into more than 360 languages. It is a blueprint for peace and harmony.











Exhibition: Friday 12 November - Saturday 11 December


Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale

64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale


Admission free