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(Don’t say I never warned you) when your train gets lost


Image: Kara Baldwin, Philosophish, 2020, Big Mouth Billy Bass, audio recording (looped), Arduino Nano, Bluetooth unit, MP3 player, approx. 30 x 19 x 10 cm. 

Kingston Arts Grant recipient Michael Vale presents a group exhibition featuring artists Simon Perry, Juan Ford, Gerry Bell, Kara Baldwin, Kez Hughes, Nicholas Ives, Amélie Scalercio and Michael Vale.

The exhibition takes its title from the Bob Dylan song, 'It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry' (1965) as a perfect metaphor for absurdism. Through subtle humour and visual conundrums, all eight artists offer a playful meditation on the theory of absurdism, aimed to entertain rather than explain the ways of the universe.

Opening Event

Join Kingston Arts, Michael Vale and artists for a special opening night at Kingston Arts Centre on Friday 8 April from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome.


Kara Baldwin is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia, exploring incongruity, absurdity and humour in visual art practices.
Gerry Bell is a painter and critic whose long practice has included painting, film making and critical writing.
Juan Ford’s practice has consistently been engaged with opening up new possibilities for realism in painting. He has employed many strategies that argue around the theoretical ‘problems’ of realism in painting.
Kez Hughes is a Melbourne artist who is also the co-founder of CAVES Gallery.
Nicholas Ives explores within his work realms of the Absurd and the Carnivalesque through a primarily figurative form.
Simon Perry is a British sculptor and academic, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Amélie Scalercio’s drawing-based practice ranges from explorations of celebrity, volcanos and collaborative drawing events to cadaver-based anatomy teaching at Monash University.
Michael Vale utilises historical painting methods to explore collisions of high and low art, absurdism and superfictions.








Opening Event: Friday 8 April, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday 8 April to Saturday 7 May


G1 + G2, Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin


Admission free