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Spotlight on: Rob Scholten


Image courtesy of Rob Scholten.

Local Kingston artist-in-residence, Rob Scholten, recently undertook a visual arts mentorship with mosaic artist, Bev Plowman, through the support of 2019-2020 Kingston Arts Grant funding. Learn more about the annual grant program.


During the last few months, I was fortunate to do a mosaic mentorship with Bev Plowman with the help of Kingston Arts. During this period, I worked directly with Bev in her studio, learning the craft, history and contemporary practice of mosaic. She showed me firsthand her own processes that leads to the development of her work, ranging from other artists to her recent French residence. Furthermore, Bev took me on an excursion to her huge outdoor mural for Moonee Ponds shopping centre, explaining in detail it's development and influences.

This has helped me tremendously by adding another medium to my own practice, complementing my murals, illustrations, and contemporary art works. Deep discussions about art practice also had a huge impact on me, leading me to delve deeper into my own practice and push my ideas across the different mediums and let them speak and enhance each other.





Bev Plowman is inspired by the properties of water and light and its magical, elusive nature. She believes water, sky and nature to take our mind to that "Spiritual" place. They ground our mind and are healing, peaceful and meditative. Her artworks provide an opportunity for the viewer to relax, interpret, and reflect. Bev creates "Hybrid” landscapes that create a bridge between representation and abstraction. The recognisable is filtered and transformed. Her ceramic and mosaic works are also designed to be contemplative and reflective.

Instagram: @bevplowmanart




Robert Scholten loves working across many mediums, platforms and ideas - from spray cans to watercolours to digital, his work can be seen in street art murals to galleries to magazine illustrations and beyond. Robert has created public artworks both internationally and locally, as well as exhibiting at galleries widely across Melbourne. Recently, he has been working on plein air cityscapes plus robobop illustrations and murals. Robert completed a Master of Fine Art at RMIT in 2010 and an Advanced Diploma of Visual Design at Swinburne University in 2007.

Instagram (illustration, murals): @robobop

Instagram (landscapes, cityscapes): @robertscholtenart