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Still Buffering

Still Buffering Still Y Mougos W Franklin.png

Still Buffering is a mixed-media exhibition offering commentary on the current dating climate, gender norms and growing voice of the LGBTIQA+ community in the 21st century through the careful manipulation of appropriated visual and audio samples from the 1950’s.

The work attempts to blur all semblance of binary and identifiable conventional gender indicators through unconventional visual databending & audio manipulation. Looking into the past to cast a mirror into the present, a variety of formats are utilised that encourage viewers to watch patiently as each artwork evolves.

Willow Franklin is a transgender woman and Melbourne based digital artist working primarily in the field of visual mixed media incorporating glitch art and found materials. Follow:

Yanni Mougos is a cis man and Melbourne based Sound Designer and Composer working primarily in the field of sound installations, audio-visual exhibitions and recorded works. Follow: Social:

Jacob Sutherland is a poet and non-binary person living in Melbourne working primarily in the written form and currently completing their first book.


Image: 2019, Willow Franklin, Still Buffering (digital still).



Opening: Thursday 6 June, 6 - 8pm
Exhibition: Friday 7 June - Saturday 6 July


G3 Artspace, Parkdale

64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale


Admission free