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Blossom Daisy Creative

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Courtesy of Blossom Daisy Creative.

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I moved to Kingston over a year ago with my husband. We adore nature and have always lived close to the forest. Since moving to Chelsea, we have adored spending time walking on the sand everyday. It is calming and aligns us with our goals and intentions. Our office is based here too and our favourite time of year is summer! Our work/life balance is perfect and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Artist bio 

I have always lived close to nature, it is my happy place, and my source of power and creativity. My work reflects my life and feelings in the moment. I studied Photography for over 4 years, and my BA of Photography enabled me to gain experience and knowledge in the fields of Fine Art, Fashion & Commercial Photography, and I have never stopped creating or setting goals for my art. Since then, I have received awards, participated in exhibitions, and have had my work published in magazines such as Vogue. My intention when working with my clients is to build a connection, thus creating a safe space for raw, real and vulnerable moments to unfold. To me, above all else, this is the essence of photography.


Blossom Daisy Creative is the result of 10 years of hard work, focusing on capturing candid & whimsical moments at events such as weddings, and working closely with large commercial clients on their brand campaigns and social media visuals. Our success in business is a reflection of our ability to create relationships with the people we choose to work with. Clients become friends and together we collaborate to create timeless imagery. Blossom Daisy Creative has expanded into entrepreneurship and recently, we created our own podcast. We do everything with a soulful intention, from the initial meeting, to the final delivery.

how can the public support your creative business?

Visit my website, follow me on social media and listen & subscribe to my new podcast, Blossom For Each Day!

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist. Her large-scale installation work and her ability to create art even at the age of 91 is inspiring. When I was in New York in 2014, I saw her installation ‘Infinity Net’, and the experience has stayed with me ever since. That is the power of inspiring art. 

what was your first experience of art?

Having a Greek heritage, my first experience of art was the discovery of the ancient world and in particular the Hellenic period. It deeply moved me from a young age, and ever since I continue to be inspired by the use of light, form and realism.

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

It has enabled us to evaluate our business goals, upskill offer new and exciting services to our clients, and create our podcast! 

what motivates your creative business?

The key to staying inspired is to stay curious about everything we do.

Whatare you looking forward to after the pandemic?

To work with our incredible clients on exciting projects, and our couples on their beautiful nuptials!