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Coastal Art


Coast Art, Crystal waters, acrylic, 30cm diameter framed canvas.

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

We live in Kingston and are interested in arts in the region.

artist medium

Acrylic and resin.

Artist bio 

Coastal Art is the joint project of artists Carole Griffiths and Tony Ingham. Our art is influenced by coastal themes and seascape colours. Drawn to the beauty and drama in nature and the sea, we create works with acrylic paint, watercolours or resin on both canvas and timber substrates and create custom-made pieces. Carole has painted in acrylics, watercolour and oils and Tony mainly works with acrylics. Recently we became interested in acrylic pouring techniques. The free-form of the medium allows freedom of expression in a very different way to traditional methods, resulting in beautiful interactions between the layers of paint and colour. 


We are two friends who have combined our creative knowledge and resources to work on joint art projects together. Sometimes we work independently on separate pieces and at other times on larger works together. Our painting styles are different, however we find that our differing perceptions and vision of a piece complement each other, with each being able to notice elements within the painting that the other may not, in turn bringing it together in a way that neither of us would do independently.  

how can the public support your creative business?

The public can support us by visiting our social media pages, browsing our art and liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook page showcases a variety of our work, covering abstracts, acrylic pouring, seascapes, resin art and watercolour landscapes.


Both Carole and Tony remember enjoying art even in Primary School, and both developed their abilities further in Secondary School. As adults both learned further techniques from books and videos, becoming more self-taught and experimenting with each new piece. 

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

Tony is inspired by Salvadore Dali, Michael Parkes and Queensland seascape artist Scott Christensen. Carole is inspired by Margaret Olley. Both Tony and Carole take inspiration from the colours in the sea and seascapes.

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

The current situation has forced us to be dependent upon our social media pages for followers and sales rather to than be able to show our work in restaurants and other venues as we had previously done. This means that in creating our pieces we have to consider how they will appear digitally, rather than hung on a wall.  

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic?

We are looking forward to being able to present and display our work in café’s, restaurants and other venues again and seeing the works hung on a wall to showcase them.