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Dendritika, Lion, Albasia wood, 14cm x 14xcm, 2020.

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I live right on the border of Bayside and Kingston (in Hampton East) and spend a lot of time shopping and dining in the Kingston area, particularly around Moorabbin station.

Artist medium

Woodworking and jewellery.

Describe your art or craft practice

I make multi-layered artwork using my laser cutter to cut intricate details within plywood. I then align and glue each layer to build a 3D piece of artwork. I also use my laser cutter to make unique and sophisticated jewellery.

Artist bio 

Hi! I’m Melissa and about 1 year ago I quit my full-time job as a scientist to fulfil my lifelong dream of becoming an artist. I create wooden artwork and jewellery! I use a laser cutter to make most of my products and I use plywood as my main material. My works bridge the line between art and design and I strive to create a balance between luxurious and affordable products to adorn the body and home.

describe you creative business

Dendritika is a Melbourne-based, artwork and jewellery brand founded in 2020 by maker Melissa Cafarella. The desire to create pieces that bring about ‘aesthetic pleasure’ is integral to Dendritika. Each product is hand crafted by Melissa with love and care poured into every aspect of the process from design to manufacture. No two products are alike, due to the fact that no two trees are exactly the same. This means that when you take home a Dendritika piece, you take home your own part of nature.

how can we support your creative business?

The greatest support would be exposure, I am looking to build my presence and name within the Bayside/Kingston area. 

Do you have a favourite artist or artwork? 

My favourite artist is a photographer by the name of Etienne Reynaud. His work turns everyday people into works of art using his camera!

What was your first experience of art? 

My earliest memory is from when I was around 3 years old! I used to draw in a diary everyday (mainly scribbles and shapes back then!), and when I had finished the diary I could reflect on the whole year's worth of art!

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

With the current pandemic, I have been designing at home. Usually I would sit in a park or a cafe as the hustle and bustle helps me concentrate! Other than that, nothing has changed too much.

What motivates your creative business or arts group?

My greatest desire and I believe my life's purpose is to make people smile. The best way I've found that I can bring happiness to people is through art and that motivates me to keep going!

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

I'm looking forward to being able to see my family again! I miss my family a lot and even though we live so close, seeing them only through video has been incredibly difficult!