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Emma Whitelaw


Emma Whitelaw, Pink and Gold Banksias, acrylic on wooden panel. 60cm x 80.5cm, 2019.

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I live and work in Kingston.

Artist medium

Mainly painting.

Describe your art or craft practice

There are various themes in my work, however, my overall style has a strong graphic quality with crisp lines, smooth flat rounded shapes and patterns, which all feature heavily in my work.

Artist bio 

I have studied illustration and graphic design.  I began selling my work through Etsy, where I designed hand-drawn illustrated invitations.  For the last few years though, I have been focusing on painting.  I sell the majority of my work through Bluethumb, which is an online gallery featuring Australian artists.

Do you have a favourite artist or artwork? 

I love bright colourful and intricate work, and love American artist Lisa Congdon. I also love the work of Klimt and Juan Romero for their intricate detail and pattern work.

What was your first experience of art? 

I started drawing very young.  In prep, I was chosen to represent the school along with another student, where I got to paint a little girl skipping. It featured on a lovely big mural that included other primary school students in the local area. I got to go to the exhibition and saw it hanging on the wall at McClelland Gallery in Langwarrin.

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

I have to try and fit my art practice in and around the kid's homeschooling, so I practice in moments when I have the time.

What motivates your creative business or arts group?

I have to paint or create, it's something that's just in me.  I have created art in some way or another since I was a little girl.  It's instinctual and necessary for my happiness. 

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

Visiting the NGV in the city and supporting local art exhibitions.