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Jasmine Lloyd


Jasmine Lloyd, The Power of Music, 30cm x 30cm, 2018.


What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I live in Kingston.

Artist medium

Embroidery, textiles, mixed media.

Describe your art or craft practice

I create embroidery works in satin stitch, along with various other stitches including cross stitch. I have also created textile and mixed media works. I have a collection of threads I use, mainly DMC, as well as fabrics and yarns that I use for my textile art. I also use Aida cloth for my cross stitch works and calico for any satin stitch. I’ve framed most of my small works and some in the hoops as well.

Artist bio 

Since early primary school I’ve loved art and creativity. I discovered embroidery when I was 12 and I’ve been doing and loving it ever since. I’m now 19 and I’ve completed kits over the years and progressed to making my own designs. I had my first try with textiles and mixed media work in my Year 11 and 12 Studio Art classes in 2018 and 2019. I submitted work into Kingston's Artz Blitz competition this year before just before corona hit and in 24 hours produced an embroidery hoop of my pool and backyard relating to the theme of Home.

Do you have a favourite artist or artwork? 

I’ve recently started following a lot of embroidery Instagram artists. I think my favourite artist is Hannah Kwasnycia (@mild.moss). She creates these amazing abstract works in hoops in a variety of colours that represent moss, plants and nature! Very lush and fluffy and amazing.

What was your first experience of art? 

My first experience of art must have been in primary school. I always really looked forward to art class. I remember the first time my mum took me to the NGV to look around and the world of art I discovered there fascinated me and has ever since.

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

COVID hasn’t really effected my art that much, thankfully. I’d love to buy more supplies to create and try new things with embroidery, but now I’m just guess buying online and waiting for postage. I think I actually have more time to create, which is great. 

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

When things return back to some kind of normal again I’m definitely looking forward to going out and buying some new materials to try. I’m waiting to see some tulle to try and embroider onto similar to another amazing Instagram artist (@kathrin_marchenko) does with their own work.