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Kell Kitsch



Kell Kitch, The Way Out.

artist website    

What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I live in Kingston.

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Describe your art or craft practice in a few sentences

I’m an artist/illustrator/animator who creates stories, characters, and make-believe worlds.

Artist bio 

Making art helps me process and sift through my emotions. Not only does making art help me communicate with my inner-self, but it also allows me to share these emotions and thoughts with the inner-selves of others. And I think that is a major part of art’s purpose. Aside from bringing ideas not yet known into the collective conscious; art, whether it be music, visual art, performance art, literature - half of its purpose is to meet the real person behind the art, which brings us closer as humans. It connects us, heals us, opens us up, and is more inclined to share our mutual experiences if we see others express similar things.

How can the public support your arts group?

If you like what I do, the best ways to support me would be follow me on Instagram, share my art, buy some of my art from Etsy (or commission me!), or attend one of my future exhibitions.

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

Leonora Carrington, Shaun Tan, Remedios Varo, Hieronymus Bosch, Max Ernst, Dr Seuss...I could go on and on!

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

During COVID, I have been making a conscious effort to create art that will inspire folks to hang on and remind them of the better days to come.

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

I am looking forward to being able to travel again, particularly overseas. I find I am most creative while exploring the planet and creating art at the same time!