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Margaret Gurney


Margaret Gurney, The Falls, Kakadu, Watercolour, 57 x 76 cms, 2018

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I have had 3 of my solo exhibitions at Kingston. I live in Black Rock and have painted along the coast including Mentone.

artist medium

I am a painter who works predominantly but not exclusively in water mediums and acrylics.

Describe your art or craft practice in a few sentences

I love to paint landscapes in watercolour or acrylics abstracting the forms. My other passion is working from the figure in inks and watercolours. I enjoy working from life and later translating these sketches into finished canvases.

Artist bio 

I have lived and worked in Bayside for over 30 years. My artist practice is extensive. I have taught with local art groups and at the National Gallery. Painting is my love! I ran an art business until the GFC severely reduced the number of galleries. I previously I worked as a graphic designer and art manager before establish my own studio. I have represented Australia at the Florence Biennale and have travelled and painted. My studies included Art at Swinburne and Post Grad studies at Phillip Institute.

describe your creative business or arts group

My creative business was crippled by the GFC and I continued until 2 years ago when I closed my business. The commercial galleries were reduced and sales of my art also.

How can the public support your arts group?

The best thing the public can do is to see and BUY artists work! 

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

I find it hard to choose but I guess Matisse is near the top.

what was your first experience of art?

My father was a cartoonist, Alex Gurney, and I was able to go into the studio at home and draw onto the floor. He encouraged me to draw from life.

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art and running your arts group?

I find it hard now to feel motivated. I live alone and the isolation has been difficult to cope with. I belong to the Victorian Artist Society and have been exhibiting in their online exhibitions.

What motivates your creative business or arts group? 

I am motivated when people see my work and love it. The initial response is so rewarding. I continue to paint when there is no pathway forward for visual arts.

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

Hopefully I will be able to mix with others again freely. Opportunities may come forward to encourage artists.