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Maria Harran


Maria Harran, Out of Isolation, vector, A3, 2020.

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I’m a multi-faceted, contemporary Graphic Designer who works, resides and raises a family in Bonbeach. I am deeply connected to my surrounding environment, the community and this provides me inspiration and influences my work on a daily basis.

artist medium

Brand Designer working across various mediums and modalities.

describe your creative business

I set up my own business 'Maria Harran' two years ago. Since then I have gained a strong, steady and loyal set of like-minded and collaborative clients. My vision was always to work in a wide-range of disciplines from branding, packaging, fashion, signage and textile design to ensure I stay creative, challenged, adaptable, and topical. Every day there is a different learning experience and a new problem to solve. 

Artist bio 

27 years ago I began my journey and career in my hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. My desire to experience more of the world led me to Australia. I feel in love with Melbourne - where the arts, theatre and creative culture are highly celebrated and supported. I immigrated in 2002. I continued my love of Brand Design, working in the industry for blue-chip corporate clients before I decided to go solo in 2018. Working for myself allows me to be closer with my family and gives me the freedom to partner with a variety of clients on diverse and interesting projects.

how can the public support your creative business?

I invite and encourage the public and local businesses to show their support through purchasing products from my online store or partnering with me on a brand design project.

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

There are many artists past and present that I admire but recently was blown away by the work of Jess Johnson and Simon Ward and their exhibition 'Terminus' at Heide Museum of Modern Art. The crossover between the dynamic multi layered drawings and a virtual world enabled you to immerse yourself in creativity and exploration.

what was your first experience of art?

Brian Miller, who was the resident development artist of Cumbernauld, a small new town where I grew up just outside Glasgow. His murals graced the sides of buildings. I would marvel at the bold colours and abstract forms as his murals shone like beacons on the concrete brutalist landscape.

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art?

During COVID, I have felt a strong desire to help, so I recently painted a mural 'The Sun is Still Gonna Shine' using bright, happy colours to try and spread joy to my local community. This new medium gave me ideas about how I could express the same sentiment and extend my brand. I launched a series of facemasks with bold fun designs with the focus of spreading 'joy' not germs and have recently launched a collection of 'Summer wears' featuring swimsuits, slides, sarongs and beach towels celebrating my love for the beach and the Australian way of life.