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Marium Quettawala


Marium Quettawala, Ray of hope, acrylics, 18" x 24", 2020

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I work in the city of Kingston.

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Describe your art or craft practice in a few sentences

I call my work " Disordered beauty" I create pieces that speak about the beauty existing in our natural environment. Abstract landscapes, foliage and flowers that melt into each other in dreamy washes of colour, hazy drips and swirls. My work is an honest emotional response to the beauty I experience. It makes me happy to paint and I want to share the joy with others, the healing power of Art.

Artist bio 

I am a Pakistani born Melbourne based Artist and did my Post graduation in Visual Arts from the University of Melbourne. Inspired by the strength and architectural form of the native Australian flora and fauna, my work is an expression of the beauty I feel surrounds me. As a modern day Calligraphist and Visual Artist I interpret styles evolved through centuries and bring a contemporary feel to them. I create Artworks with Arabic quotes and sayings allowing it to shine through majestically. The lettering are often phrases of the Almighty God or quotes to bless home or work places

describe your creative business or arts group

I take commissions for Islamic Calligraphy a well as Australian Landscapes and abstract paintings through my social media networks. I am happy to create customise work for clients that fits well in their space and also offer Art prints if at times they cannot afford to buy my work but are in love with it. It gives me great pleasure to accommodate all kinds of masses and to be able to reach the broader community. I have been fortunate enough to hold a few group shows at the Yarra Valley Art Gallery, Brunswick Art Gallery, George Paton and the Melbourne Uni Art Galleries with my fellow art groups. At the moment I am currently working on exhibiting at the Banyule Arts Salon which will be held in Dec 2020.

How can the public support your arts group?

I would just love it even if my Artwork provokes a little interest in the public and they take few moments to stand back and closely take a look and appreciate and feel fascinated. This will eventually lead them talking to their friends and simple word of mouth of appraisal means a great deal to the Artist in becoming well known.

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

Yes, I love Jessica Watts work about feminine power, identities of strong women which is unashamedly pretty and joyful and connected to nature, it connects with me immediately without any explanation. Her way of showing beauty with cropped figures wants me to search for what is not seen and I want to know more, this is what excites me the most.

what was your first experience of art?

My first experience of showcasing my work in a group exhibition with my University colleagues was overwhelming, as it gave me an insight of how we plan the layout of our exhibit, what is required to write in the application of interest forms while applying to different Art Galleries, learned a bit about creating an event page for all social media platforms. Feedback of visitors was most helpful.

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

I am looking forward for more opportunities to be able to showcase my Artwork to the broader community.