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Slow Life Workshops


Leah Bright (Slow Life Workshops), Sweet Song of Mine, drawing, coloured pencils, 600mm x 420 mm, 2020.

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What's your relationship to Kingston? 

I work at Mordialloc College as an Art Teacher.

artist medium

I work in drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics.

Describe your art or craft practice in a few sentences

After majoring in Sculpture at University, I discovered my love for how things are structured and formed. This sense of curiosity has led me on a journey to explore the integrity of how things are designed and created. This can be seen through my detailed compositions across drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture - all of which explore the wonders of life in a myriad of different ways.

Artist bio 

Working as an artist for me goes hand in hand with teaching. The two fit together beautifully as the need to perfect skills and knowledge as an educator motivates me to discover new ways of creating art. Being an artist is not something I question any more. When you are born with a creative gene it has to be actualized.

describe your creative business or arts group

I like to find interesting and inspiring places to teach from so the experience for participants extends beyond just art making into an adventure. Currently, my passion is running art parties in a tee pee to create a completely different environment from everyday life. These parties are meant to be fun whilst learning exciting techniques that can be practiced anywhere. The tee pee parties are designed for groups of 10 or more looking for a unique memory to make together.

How can the public support your arts group?

Different options for classes are available for viewing on my website Slow Life Workshops. You can create your own event of an art tee pee party, or come along to a 3hr ceramic workshop in Mornington. There is also a shop on the website, where you can look at all the available designs of ceramics, prints and paintings.

do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

Sally Smart is an instrumental artist that has inspired me greatly through her theatrical and whimsical puppet forms. I love the way she plays with composition.

what was your first experience of art?

My first memory of being moved by making art was from the age of 8 to 12 years old. Where everything I made reflected the Disney characters of Mickey mouse or Donald Duck. Life was quite simple back then so I wasn't exposed to the artworks that we can easily access through the internet today. I then remember being completely obsessed by still life oil painting in year 10. 

How has the current situation changed your approach to making art and running your arts group?

There have been a few positives in terms of productivity down time without worldly distractions, however with the narrowing of retail and travel opportunities my overseas and interstate workshops have been cancelled and unfortunately are on hold until the economy can recover. I guess it allows me to stay local and concentrate on providing awesome experiences on the Mornington Peninsula.

What motivates your creative business or arts group? 

The motivation behind my business Slow Life Workshops is about sharing an experience to reconnect with ourselves and bring some adventure and mindfulness back into our lives. I work as a teacher in my other life in a secondary school so my mind is full of daily routine and the logistics of working. I wanted to find a way to get back to the essence of what makes me feel happy and grounded. For me that is through the making of art which is like a meditative experience. Hands on clay, weaving wool through a loom, the splashing of watercolours on paper or travelling to exotic locations whilst learning about art processes.

What are you looking forward to after the pandemic? 

I am really looking forward to actualising my business now. I can't wait to see my workshops filling up and seeing people respond to my concepts of art making.  

I am planning on kick starting my workshops in 2021 so I can run a variety of different art experiences in interesting locations. The special occasion workshop can be offered in a gypsy van on the Mornington peninsula and will cater for making ceramics with someone special in your life. I am also really looking forward to launching the tee pee art parties for groups. These workshops will be super fun and will create a different experience for special events. 

I so look forward to other exciting retreats I have planned to Mexico and Bali which are now on the back burners due to COVID. I am also available to run workshops within Australia and have a variety of different art forms available to choose from. Send me an enquiry if you would like to discuss these options further.