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Mordi Village Wall to Wall Festival

Australia's beloved street art festival, Wall to Wall, has transformed the Mordi Village Industrial Precinct streetscape with an explosion of colour and world class murals by Australian and international artists scattered throughout the precinct.

The Wall to Wall Festival, hosted across the weekend of the 26-28 of April 2024, transformed Mordi Village revitalising the streetscape. Delivered by the award-winning street art collective Juddy Roller team in partnership with local traders and the Kingston City Council, the event saw thousands of visitors enjoy market stalls, open studios, family-friendly activations, painting workshops, guided street art tours, DJs, gourmet food and beverages, and iconic art. 

The full line up of high profile Australian and international artists included George Rose, Adnate, Smug, Blo, Fred Battle (Zoer), Justine McAllister, Filthy Ratbag, Tommy Day, Drez, Jason Parker as well as Mordi Village resident, Kyle Brightside.

This exciting project will leave an exciting legacy that will encourage local and destination visitation to Kingston.


Founded by Shaun Hossack in 2012, award winning street art network Juddy Roller has developed into a well-established community of passionate individuals. Working with the best street artists in Australia and around the world, Juddy Roller delivers high-quality art installations, from community engagement to project delivery. Well-known for curating street art festivals and delivering high profile projects in the public realm, Juddy Roller aim to make the world more colourful, vibrant and engaging, one wall at a time. For over 15 years Juddy Roller has contributed to a large number of successful community-driven projects including the Wall to Wall Festival in Benalla, The Silo Art Trail and the Colour Tumby Festival in South Australia.

wall to wall self-guided street art tour map

Mordi Village Wall to Wall Map



53 Governor Road, Mordialloc

tommyday wall to wall



Bunjil’s Yarkeen – Bunjil’s Dreaming

The artwork depicts the power of Bunjil (Wedge Tail Eagle) creation being of the Kulin Nations. Bunjil represents creation and power and is the central theme of the artwork. The background is a culmination and imagining of his path during the creation period. Representing the landscapes created and the mark of generations of people who call Mordialloc home. 

about the artist

Tommy Day, also known as Jirri Jirri Art is a Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta and Wemba Wemba man and multi-disciplined artist based in Shepparton, Victoria. Capturing the essence of country is everything, vividly etched in his memories as a young Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, and Wemba Wemba man. Its intricate tapestry unfolds as the seasons dance on the precipice of change, leaving an indelible mark on the land while its essence remains constant. 


1 Lamana Road (front), Mordialloc

george rose wall to wall


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“This series captures botanicals from gardens adjacent to paint­ing sites, guiding my future works and linking murals like seeds spread by a bird into a global flora tapestry. It delves into ideas of identity through spaces, with front gardens representing a place of pride and flowers reflecting perpetual renewal. This process allows the artworks to evolve, revealing the interconnectedness of our identities and environments.”

about the artist

George Rose is a Melbourne-based female artist best known for her large-scale murals and vibrant use of colour. After an initial education in design at University of Canberra, she completed her formal training at ANU School of Art before pursuing muralism supported by a studio practice. 


1/7 Lamana Road, Mordialloc

adnate wall to wall



“The mural is my interpretation of an ancient symbol of Peace, the white dove. Throughout history many cultures and artists have used the majestic bird as a powerful emblem of hope, purity, and freedom. However, in my rendition, it breaks through the peace symbol, symbolizing the need for action and struggle to achieve true peace in our world, rather than passive acceptance.” 

about the artist

Matt Adnate seeks to capture the essence of humanity in his artwork and is well known for using portraiture to convey the depth and beauty of the human spirit on walls and in exhibitions. At the core of Adnate’s art is a profound belief in the transformative power of art to bring about positive social change. His murals often feature monumental portraits of indigenous individuals shining a spotlight on their culture, heritage, and struggles. He aims to amplify their voices, drawing attention to the significance of land rights and cultural preservation. 


1 Lamana Road (Kareela Street side), Mordialloc

drez wall to wall



ABOUT THE artist

Drez is an artist who shifts the perception of public space through his exploration of colour. Using urban structures as his canvas, Drez responds with colour gradients, following the form of the locations, subverting these structures to create immersive spaces of colour. He creates work that extends from paintings to architecturally scaled murals and projection installations. 

Through his use of colour and form, Drez references Modernism and Op-Art, connecting well known contemporary art practices with contemporary public graffiti. Drez creates an intersection between abstract art and public space in a direct reflection of his upbringing through graffiti and his movement towards more experimental, immersive works.


1 Lamana Road (Kareela Street side), Mordialloc

filthyratbag wall to wall



about the artist

Celeste Mountjoy, also known as FILTHYRATBAG, is a Melbourne-based artist, author, and cultural provocateur. Her captivating work delves fearlessly into the depths of the human experience, exploring themes such as anxiety, feminism, addiction, body image, relationships, grief, and the relentless pressures of societal expectations.

With a unique blend of rawness and vulnerability, Celeste’s art serves as a powerful reflection of our shared struggles and challenges, providing a much-needed counterpoint to the curated ideals often perpetuated on social media platforms.

JUSTINE mcallister

12 Kareela Street, Mordialloc

justine mccallister wall to wall


Justine McAllister’s mural draws inspiration from the historic Horse Paddock Beach in Mordialloc  which continues its long association with horse training, swimming and walking in the Kingston area.

about the artist

Justine McAllister is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist. She creates playful and theatrical motifs, pairing objects and symbols with abstracted elements to delve into themes of human connection and acceptance. She crafts fragmented depictions of a world she wants to live in, where creativity, open-mindedness, and difference are embraced. Her interest lies not in creating narrative but in how manipulating collage, composition, and colour can stir emotions within the viewer. 


2 Kareela Street, Mordialloc

zoer wall to wall


about the artist

Frédéric Battle, also known as Zoer, was born in 1985 in Tours, France. He lives and works in the french Alpes Maritimes. Battle graduated from the Strate school in product design: the study of the object has determined his pictorial research.

At a time when the materials used in industry are designed according to dizzying consumption patterns, the degradation of forms and materials worked by man is at the heart of his plastic explorations. It is notably by looking at wrecks that he explores the state of transformation and transition of matter and form.


26 Percy Street, Mordialloc

smug wall to wall



about the artist

Originally from Australia, Smug has called Scotland home for over 20 years. An internationally renowned artist known for his realistic large-scale mural installations, Smug takes inspiration from people and nature, exploring the harmony in the relationship between the two. With his trademark understanding of light and shadow Smug’s elusive painting can often juxtapose themes together such as death, playfulness, melancholy and unadulterated joy. Whilst his technique stays true to his foundation with traditional graffiti Smug’s murals can be seen as “stylized realism” with hyper realistic elements achieved freehand, primarily with spray paint.

jason parker

Mordi Village Industrial Precinct, Mordialloc

jason parker wall to wall



Titled ‘Seven Decades’, artist Jason Parker depicts local icons Jessie and Vin who have been living locally since the 1960s and married for 70 years. Sicilian oranges have been incorporated in celebration of Vin’s heritage. 

about the artist

Sitting at the crossroads between wistfulness and hope, Jason Parker’s imagery as bright, bold and beautiful as it may be tells a tale of rumination and vulnerability. Figures and florals that adorn his work are both vehicles to spotlight Jason’s thoughts on the state of the world, as well as the complexity of our inner and external lives.


24-26 Crown Avenue, Mordialloc

blo wall to wall



In his piece FLORA, Claude BLO Ricci plays with the building architecture and the landscape by proposing a giant collage-painting involving shapes, lines and textures to invite the viewer into this surreal abstract landscape.

about the artist

Claude BLO RICCI’s uses creativity as a device to question, invert or pervert aspects of daily life. There is a recognizable speed of the hand, looseness of line, as well as composition and materials that directly draw from traditional graffiti. His current street work has become more figurative, drawing from religious imagery, sex, death, and classical painting. Within the exploration of this subject matter another parallel to graffiti is conceptualized the assertion of power by actively defacing or reappropriating common images.


Local residents and visitors were invited to paint with Kyle Brightside in a temporary Paint by Numbers mural over the festival weekend.

kyle brightside wall to wall


about the artist

Mordi Village local, Kyle Brightside is a self-taught artist and illustrator. With a bright, bold and fun aesthetic born from the Australian and Californian surf and skate culture, Kyle specialises in painting large scale murals, illustrations and designs. 



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