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Moorabbin Music + Arts

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Kingston Arts is excited to present Moorabbin Music + Arts — a new annual festival of music, art, culture and community. 


Over three days, Kingston Arts Centre will come alive with music, art installations, hands-on workshops, thought-provoking exhibitions and family friendly activities.


We believe our diverse program offers something for everyone, providing opportunities to connect, reflect and glow in a manner that will resonate well beyond the initial weekend. 


The success of the event relies on the participation of our local community, and we can’t wait to see everyone at Moorabbin Music + Arts.


Admission to all events is free, however we strongly recommended you pre-register to secure your spot on the door. 

Friday 23 February

6pm - 10pm

Thndo Moorabbin Music and Arts Kingston

We're excited to announce Thndo will be headlining Moorabbin Music and Arts 2024.

Friday Night Live, 6pm - 10pm

Moorabbin Music and Arts Festival opens with a night of R&B, Soul, Jazz, Rock and Alternative Pop at Kingston Arts. Featuring Thndo, Kee’Ahn, Velvet Bloom Duo and Joshua Batten.

Admission to Friday Night Live is free, but we encourage pre-registration to guarantee your spot. While tickets will be available at the door, this is subject to capacity limitations. Pre-register to secure your spot.

Bar opens from 5pm. Doors at 5:45pm

MC: Urvi Majumar




8pm - KEE'AHN

9pm - THNDO



Zimbabwean-born, ‘First Lady of Soul and R&B,’ Thndo has received rave reviews and stunned sold-out audiences speaking truth about growing up black in Australia through potent lyricism and powerhouse vocal performances, interwoven with elements of Afrobeats, RnB and Hip Hop. 


Kee’ahn is a First Nations musician from Northern-Queensland whose name derives from the Wik word meaning to dance, and to play. Effortlessly blending the sounds of soul, R&B and pop throughout their music, Kee'ahn weaves lush melodies and words reminiscent of heartbreak and healing. 

Velvet Bloom Duo

Support comes from Velvet Bloom Duo, fusing delicate songwriting with a luscious and vibrant sound.

Joshua Batten

Joshua Batten is a modern-day troubadour whose personal brand of Roots-Rock is characterised by passionate vocals, accomplished guitar playing, layered arrangements and inspirational lyrics.

Saturday 24 february

1pm - 9pm

Jarabi Band Moorabbin Music and Arts
Jarabi Band will be performing their vibrant fusion of Guinean and contemporary music on Saturday 24 February. 


Global Sounds, 1:30pm - 6:30pm

Experience the rhythmic intricacies of Guinean Fusion through to the vibrant rhythms of Latin Jazz and the lively beats of Mauritian Sega, showing us what happens when people from the farthest flung corners of the world find themselves living shoulder to shoulder in a new environment. Pre-register to secure your spot.

Doors at 1:15pm






Matt Bradshaw Moorabbin Music and Arts

Matt Bradshaw and G-Force will be performing 80s and 90s hits as part of Retro Disco.

Retro Disco, 7pm - 9pm

Get your crimping tongs ready and your fluoro tees and legwarmers out: it's time to go old school! Killer six-piece band Matt Bradshaw and G-Force will perform infectious, high-energy classics from the 80s and 90s. Come dressed in your finest late-century fashion and get your groove on to the iconic tunes of the era. 

Doors at 6:45pm

7pm Retro Disco with Matt Bradshaw and G-Force


Jarabi Band  

Jarabi Band takes audiences on a journey from the ancient Manding Empire to modern city life, weaving together the timeless musical traditions of Guinea with the contemporary sounds of Melbourne’s vibrant music scene.  

Led by visionary master musician Mohamed Camara, Jarabi crafts a unique tapestry of infectious rhythms, intricate melodies and soul-stirring vocals. The result is an exciting new sound that transcends language barriers, creating a universal language that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. 


Not for the money or the fame, Jaspora bring their distinct tropical music style to coastal Kingston playing Caribbean Soca & Calypso, Tropical Reggae, Mauritian Sega. We hope you bring your dancing shoes. 

Iaki Vallejo

Iaki Vallejo is a Colombian African/Indigenous descendant singer/ songwriter, performer, choir leader, visual artist, music producer, video producer, and director based in Melbourne. With a rich heritage that deeply influences her artistic expression, Iaki’s creative endeavours transcend disciplines and genres.


Vardos is an all-female violin/accordion/double bass gypsy trio, playing irresistible folk and Romany music learnt from Rroma (Gypsy) and traditional musicians in Hungary and Romania during their travels in Eastern Europe. Expect Transylvanian dance tunes, popular Hungarian cafe concert music and the latest horas from Bucharest and Romania.

Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow

Fingerstyle percussive guitar meets masterful violin accompaniment and a magical blend of vocals as Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow twirl their musical influences together to create a mesmerising blend of Celtic rock, folk, metal, classical & jazz.


sunday 25 february

11am - 6pm

Social Street Moorabbin Music and Arts

Social Street will be performing as part of Lounge Grooves at Kingston City Hall on Sunday 25 February.

Community Concert, 11.30am - 2pm

Take a seat in the Grand Hall and enjoy the melodies and sounds of local community groups as they seize the spotlight. With a diverse range of performances, you're likely to encounter something wonderfully new. 

Doors at 11:15am






Lounge Grooves, 2pm - 6pm

On Sunday the fun continues with markets, live music and family friendly activities. Ease into the afternoon with acoustic sets, jazz-tinged funk and bluesy vocals from this sensational line-up.







Rita Satch

An unforgettable presence in Australia’s neo-soul movement, Rita Satch was brought up on jazz and soul greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and Nina Simone. Her sultry, soulful and powerful vocals, together with finely crafted song writing, create a deliciously modern and infectious sound.  

The Deans of Soul

Describing themselves ‘like a United Nations of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians unified in one Soul groove,’ The Deans of Soul, bring a modern twist to old-school funk and R&B. With smooth vocals, harmonies, and soaring heartbreak guitar, they create songs of the heart layered with infectious rhythms.  

Social Street

Grace Leigh and Liam Gracias are the two halves that make up Social Street, a local duo from the Bayside area. With a repertoire including smooth pop, funk and R&B as well as soulful original grooves, Social Street will carry you effortlessly into your Sunday Afternoon. 

Matt Bradshaw

After the high-energy antics of Retro Disco, the multi-talented Matt Bradshaw returns to Moorabbin Music & Arts for a relaxed Sunday session. Enjoy Matt’s extraordinary voice in a completely different light, through an intimate acoustic solo set dappled with original music.

What else is happening at Moorabbin Music and Arts?


In addition to live music performances, the weekend festival is also packed with arts, culture, markets and kids’ activities.

⚫️ Markets

⚫️ Intro to Pottery Workshop

⚫️ Artz Blitz: The Creator Studio

⚫️ Paint & Sip



Browse locally designed jewellery, accessories, homewares and handcrafted ceramics at the Moorabbin Music and Arts Market. You'll be sure to find something original and beautiful to take home.

⚫️ Amy Leigh Rose Ceramics and Art

⚫️ Josephine Cole Photography

⚫️ Gifts That Give Back

⚫️ C&S Creations

⚫️ Dreamtreeblue

⚫️ Bayley Arts

⚫️ Sunny Daisy Tie Dye

Intro to Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop with Laneway Learning is a free 60-minute event offering a hands-on introduction to the world of pottery and clay modelling. Participants are provided with everything you’ll ever need to transform a block of clay into something of your own imagination. Prior knowledge of clay, ceramics or pottery is not required. Just come along and enjoy being guided by a seasoned potter. 

Artz Blitz: The Creator Studio

We are excited to announce the launch of a dedicated creator space at Kingston Arts Centre during the 24-hour blitz period, enabling participants to engage in on-site art creation!

Paint and Sip

Saturday 24th February 5–7pm

Learn a range of painting techniques without ever having to put down your glass. 

CHILDREn and families

Polite Mammals Moorabbin Music and Arts
Polite Mammals, suited up and ready for business.


If you've ever wanted to make your own comic strip, create a puppet, make music, have a dance-off, or a rock out with a reptile, we have something for you! All activities are free, but registration is required for some events.  

We’re pleased to offer a huge range of activities across Saturday and Sunday for kids and families to enjoy.



⚫️ Creature Creation Workshop


⚫️ Polite Mammals


⚫️ Face Painting


⚫️ The Sonicrats


⚫️ Trash Puppets Workshop


⚫️ Trash Puppets


⚫️ Trash Puppets Live!


⚫️ Kids Disco


⚫️ Make Your Own Comic Strip Workshop


⚫️ Mini Golf



Kids' Disco

It's the kids' turn to dial up the disco fun. With cool beats and interactive games, this is one party you won't want to miss! Suitable for ages 4–12. Pre-register to secure your spot.

Polite Mammals

Award-winning kids’ comedy group The Wholesome Hour presents a show about animals: stinky ones, sparkly ones, real ones and imaginary ones. Get ready for singing, dancing, puppets, poo jokes, and 20+ animal-inspired characters in under an hour! Suitable for ages 5+. Register now to attend. Pre-register to secure your spot.

Trash Puppets Live!

Trash Puppets get seriously creative about recycling and sustainability, and have a lot of fun along the way. Learn to make your own puppet, say 'hi' to a roving recycled creation, or check out the Trash Puppets live on stage. All ages, free entry.  Pre-register to secure your spot.

Make Your Own Comic Strip

Make your own funny three-panel comic to take home! Experienced artist and facilitator Sabina Wills will talk you through the steps to bring your very own cartoon creation to life. All ages, free entry.

Mini Golf

If you're all danced out and ready for something different, see if you can score a hole in one! Suitable for ages 4+.

Sunday 25 February 2–5pm

Creature Creation Workshop

Join the adventure with Kate and let your imagination run wild! Get ready to create your very own colorful creature, as Kate guides you through the magical process of making a wonderful and wacky friend. Grab your art supplies, unleash your creativity, and let the fun begin as you bring your unique creature to life. Suitable for all ages but specifically designed for parents and kids to play together. 

Sunday 2-5pm

Face Painting 

Join us for some face painting fun! Our artists will make you look like your favourite superhero or magical creature. You'll be so excited to see your new look and show it off to everyone! 

Saturday 24 February 3–7pm

Sunday 25 February 2–6pm


PLUS: Market stalls, crafts, roving performers and more.


Friday 23 – Sunday 25 February


Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin

979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin


Free (Space is limited for some programs. RSVP to avoid missing out)

Paint & Sip has sold out, join the waitlist below:

Paint & Sip Waitlist